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I help organisations strategise, plan and deliver impactful marketing


Hello, I'm Adam.

I'm a freelance Digital Marketing Consultant based in London, UK, offering a range of services (see below) to small and medium companies, particularly those who may not have the budget to hire full-time marketing support.


I've worked in several industries, including in construction for a public sector major infrastructure project, a SaaS software provider in construction, the justice sector for another SaaS software provider, and I'm currently working in healthcare. I enjoy getting to know new industries. If you can't see what you are looking for I may still have the experience you require and I am always open to discussing how I can support your marketing goals, please get in touch for a chat.

Types of businesses I work with

Early stage businesses

(looking to make their first steps into marketing and establish their presence)

Developing businesses

(looking to develop their marketing plans, and establish credibility within their niche)

  • You may be taking your first steps in marketing and not know where to start. Websites, social media, newsletters, events, podcasts, videos - what do you plan for?

  • You may have already tried out a few channels but not seen any substantial results.

  • You may also be worried about cost - I have extensive experience working with brands which are financially constrained and looking for low or no-cost marketing solutions.

  • Don't panic! I can help you build a strategy, plan out how you can start promoting your business online, advise on how to build a scaleable plan tailored to your business, and ways in which you can incorporate events into your marketing plans.

  • You may have the basics sorted but are now looking for a steady growth of followers, with a higher velocity. You may be looking to improve one or more areas of your marketing plan - digital channels, content engagement, customer engagement, or increasing your pipeline of quality leads.

  • Maintaining a regular drumbeat of activity isn't enough - high-engagement communications activity and inspired energised audiences are key to growth. Data is our friend, and I enjoy reading the tea leaves of analytics tools to help learn the success factors and areas for development.

  • You may need help developing a strategy to build and maintain a reputation as a leader in your industry.

About me

With more than a decade in marketing, I can safely say I've found my passion: helping SMEs to grow through developing marketing strategies, plans and tactics

I've worked for strong brands in both the private and public sectors, building a bank of lessons learned from various projects and experiences. Additionally, I have a continuous learning mindset - change is a constant in life, especially in marketing, so I actively advance my knowledge, skills, and expertise to stay relevant and up-to-date with emerging practices and technologies. I'm a Certified Digital Marketing Professional with a Diploma in Events Management. 

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Get in Touch

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